S TWO Media Presents – Designer Spotlight: Jolita Jewellery

When it comes to brands, we often know about them but not a lot about the people behind them, the creative geniuses that put in all the hours to give customers the products they love. We want to take you behind the scenes to learn about the designers and the journey life has taken them on to get them to where they are now.

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“A brand is only a brand without the creative mind behind it”

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The first episode in our Designer Spotlight series took place with UK based jewellery designer Algis Abromaitis owner of Jolita Jewellery. Algis Abromaitis originally from Lithuania, started his brand Jolita Jewellery in 2008 after much encouragement from his sister. Since then he has only gone from success to success appearing in countless publications and having his beautiful pieces appear on catwalks.

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Algis pulls ideas from all of his life experiences to make all the unique pieces that you see and is constantly pushing himself to grow and explore new crafts. Listen as he allows us into the world that is Jolita.

Thank you to everyone who took part:

Presenter-Maria Bamgboye
DOP-Leonardo Stoppa
Editor-Cristiano Pena
Music-Wilson Joel
Produced by SubySinem

Also it just happens to be Algis’ birthday on April 16th, which is today! So we wish you a very special day!

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