Team S Two PR Write Features for OK Nigeria Magazine’s February issue

Last month Mpona Lebajoa and  I (Maria Bamgboye) lent our talents to OK Nigeria, and helped them create some features for Ok Nigeria’s February issue.

It was a fun experience, as being a creative there is nothing better than seeing your ideas and thoughts come to fruition, and I would be delighted to do it again.

2014-02-212Mpona worked on a great interview with the lovely and beautiful Toke Mankinwa, where they discussed her career and recent wedding .

2014-02-211 I had the great opportunity of speaking with the charming Alexx Ekubo, where he spoke about his recent projects, his goals and what he likes in a woman.

2014-02-213We also worked on the ten sexiest men and women, which was a hard one, as you can imagine it’s not easy to narrow it down to ten, when there are so many attractive Nigerians in the entertainment industry.



Mpona lent her knowledge on health and lifestyle for the health and well being pages, so all of you can get your bodies right this month.


Also we can’t forget about the entertainment pages where Mpona got to speak with newcomer Silvastone, and I got to write about all the interesting things happening in entertainment this month, as well as Grammy nominated spotlight artist MNEK.


To top it all off I got to speak with the beautiful Caroline Chikezie who is co hosting the Screen Nation Awards 2014, and was a delight to interview. All in all team STwo had a pretty good time putting all of this together.

92-95 OK_NIG_FEB_14_SCREENNATIONindd.indd


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