A few days ago we brought you the first look at Lami’s Complete Fashion cover and behind-the-scenes images, and now we’re delighted to bring you the whole interview straight from the pages of Complete Fashion.

Complete Fashion 2014_Lami Phillips

Photographed by Moussa Moussa for the Valentine’s issue of the glossy, Lami looks glam with hair by Aislynn Adewale (The Hair Whisperer) and makeup by Molola Allison.


In the exclusive interview with the magazine, Lami also talks music, privacy, philantrophy and more.

On Privacy

“I am a very private person but lately I’ve been asking myself, ‘How private does private get?’ Some of the fans don’t just want to hear your music; they want to know who you are.”

On the “Bling Culture”

“People don’t know that Wizkid has been working for years and years before he got to where he is. Music is not a get-rich-quick scheme.”

On her Philantrophic Work

“I am not an activist. I really am not a placard-holding person. For me, I am challenging myself to be the change I expect others to be.”


For more from “Music’s Power Player” as Complete Fashion dubs Lami, grab a copy now.



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