Kach “Tension” Video is Out, and Here are Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images

We are kicking of the new year with the new rising star of Nigerian music, Kach. Nigeria’s answer to Drake, his debut video “Kach Tension” is a vibrant, feel good video, that we are sure all of you will enjoy; and we’ve got exclusive behind the scenes images for you to view as well and the brand new video. Kach’s sound is a mixture of Afrobeats, Rap and R&B all put together to make a signature and unique sound, bringing something different to the Nigerian music scene.


The day of the shoot was a typical sunny day in Nigeria, we had all got up early, in preparation to set up all the equipment and gather our bearings. We headed over to the Civic Center where majority of the video would be taken place, the boat was beautiful, I’m not fond of water, but the scenery was definitely something to take in.

Soon everyone began to pile in slowly and we began shooting the boat scenes with Kach.


We were all offered a trip on the boat, Sinem being the dare devil accepted. While Suby and I declined. Water is not my friend, and we have that understanding.




Once all the girls started flowing in things really started getting busy. I had to make sure they all had adequate outfits and that they looked good and fit their parts. Which admittedly was not too hard, considering all the many fine girls around 🙂


We then moved on to the scenes with Kach and the girls, the general concept was to have fun and enjoy the music. The girls laughed and danced around Kach. Some of their moves where very impressive particularly the twerking. Certain people really showed me that you don’t have to have a fat ass two twerk, and I have to say I was impressed.


The final scenes of the video were a bit more intimate , being as it was the party scene. This is where we really got to see the main girl Kaching tension. The whole vibe was meant to be fun, energetic and chilled which I’m sure you can tell by the image below.


Overall it was a pleasure assisting with the production of this video , I mean spending time on an a boat despite the fact I don’t like water isn’t a bad thing for a work day, not to mention the good weather and great vibes. I most definitely wouldn’t mind another boat shoot.


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