Lami Shoots Video in London for song “Baby” Inspired by Hubby Mr. Labs

On Wednesday 28 August, Lami took to the streets of London to shoot a brand new video for her single “Baby”. Produced by S TWO Media and directed by Isaiah McAye of Rocksolid Media, the video depicts the number one Soul Sista Lami Phillips in numerous trend setting outfits bringing that fire and class we know her for.

We see her on a rooftop, in front of a beautiful skyline, giving us passion and charisma, as she sings about the love she has for her “Baby”. In this mini movie her love interest will stop at nothing to get to her no matter what obstacles are put in front of him, because nothing and no one can keep him from his “Baby”.

Lami - Baby-1716

Lami - Baby-1644
“Baby” is an upbeat and joyous ode to love, and celebrating how beautiful it can be when you’ve found the right person. The song was written and arranged by Lami Phillips and produced by none other than Sleekamo and Lami Phillips.

Lami - Baby-1746

Lami - Baby-1748

Lami - Baby-1794

Lami on her inspiration behind the song:

“It’s reflective of my feelings for Labs. I wrote it in five minutes at the studio one day chilling with Sleek. We immediately started working on the music. It’s a blessing to have a good man and we don’t have enough songs celebrating our men!! So I wrote it for him. He makes me feel like a queen! The beat is fun and easy like our friendship, I can see us misbehaving like silly kids and dancing to it in the club. Just call me Mrs Labs!”

Due for release in the next few weeks, the video will have you smiling, grooving and shaking, so be in anticipation because you don’t want to miss this.

Lami - Baby-1758

Lami - Baby-1856

Lami - Baby-1875

Lami - Baby-1915

Lami - Baby-1929

Lami - Baby-1944

Lami - Baby-1953


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