Africa Fashion Week London 2012 in Vigore Magazine

It’s always a delight see news coverage of AFWL; however it is even more delightful when it still keeps coming almost months later. Hence, we were stoked to see the coverage our friends over at Vigore sent us from the April 2013 issue of the magazine.

Afrofashion, Asandia Hogan, Eldimaa, Green Mamba, House of Marie, Keto Couture, Mia by Mia Nisbet and Patience Please get special mentions in the in the 10-page coverage.




African_FW_Vigore_Magazine_April_2013_Page_07 African_FW_Vigore_Magazine_April_2013_Page_08 African_FW_Vigore_Magazine_April_2013_Page_09 African_FW_Vigore_Magazine_April_2013_Page_10 African_FW_Vigore_Magazine_April_2013_Page_11


Check out Vigore Magazine here.


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