Toyin Lawani of Tiannahstyling Releases Behind-the-Scenes Images and Talks of Styling May D in “So Many Tinz”

aHORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-1111c

Following the release last week of the spectacular video fro May D’s “So Many Tiz” video inspired by 2012’s box office hit Django Unchained, Tiannahstyling brings us the exclusive behind the scenes images of the video shoot directed by Moe Musa as celebrity stylist and designer Toyin Lawani, the creative force behind numerous music videos and magazine covers, talks through her inspirations for the video.

“It was very nice working with Moe Musa as they let me chip in with a few of my ideas as well which led to the Django theme – with the picnic scene, the slave scene and the maiden scene… For maiden and picnic scenes, Tiannahstyling brought all these ideas on paper to life by sketching and designing each of the characters outfit from scratch,” said Toyin Lawani, founder and creative director of Tiannahstyling.

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-803

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-812

 Of the vibrant picnic scene, Lawani said, “The picnic scene set up was fun because I had to go to the extreme to make sure it looked vintage – strawberry, grapes, milk, jam, juice, bread etc were used as props on set.  I remember telling Moe Musa ‘Today’s your lucky day’ as my mind went straight to the PVC mixed floral dress I designed for Music Meets the Runway show in December. We just pulled it in and designed May D’s outfit to blend with it.”

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-1105

Toyin also shed light on the maiden and slave outfits: “It was fun designing and styling the maiden outfits. It was fun all the way working with Kaffy, the dance queen, on set. They brought out the vision for the slave outfits with their moves. I decided to make their outfits out of sacks which took 50 pieces of sacks which we had to wash and soak and struggle to sew with machine but in the end it came out looking good. With May D’s outfit, I decided to make him stand out by putting his initial (M) to design his outfit.


HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-45 (Suby Onabanjo's conflicted copy 2013-05-12)


HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-58 (Suby Onabanjo's conflicted copy 2013-05-12)


HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-66 (Suby Onabanjo's conflicted copy 2013-05-12)

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-324

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-412

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-590

HORPLOADWORKS_Tiannah_MayD_BTS MoeMusa-776

The shoot took two days at the Lekki Conservation Centre. The make up was provided by Jide Adedeji and the model Jojo Lara brought in by Toyin herself was flown in from the UK to appear in the video.

Image credit: Tope Horpload


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